Privacy - Information Collection and National Security

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Information and National Security Many people believe that the U.S government is hiding information from their citizens. But has anyone stopped to think that perhaps the government withholds information for the nation's safety. I disagree with the college student who said, "Despite the horror stories of war, I would want to know the truth. If you know the truth of a situation, you might be able to do something about it." I do not believe that 'we' can do something about it. It is ultimately our government who decides on how to act. For the most part, the government should be allowed to conceal the truth for our nation's safety. If the government was to tell the public the truth about everything, it could lead to an uneasy nation. The government releases information that we need to know. If the government were to tell us everything that they have been withholding, it might break citizens into chaos. Our government is here to protect us and not to insight violence in us. We should have faith in our government. For example, if the public were told about a planned attack that could not be prevented, chaos would ensue. People would panic and perhaps cause more damage. Our country needs unity and not chaos. The government is only trying to protect us by keeping secrets. In this time of war, the government has more of a reason to be secretive. The enemies are watching information that goes public. During this time our country needs to be very careful of what kind of information they divulge. If the government were to release important information it may be used against us. It is understandable that the public has curiosity of what is really going on during this war. But ultimately, the public needs to have faith that our government is doing what needs to be done. Many people argue that the government also holds a lot of petty information away from the public. While people may understand why certain information is kept a secret, they would like to know why some 'not so important' information is not released. In my opinion, if the information is petty why should anyone care what it is anyway.

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