Privacy And Privacy On Facebook

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1.0 Introduction
Facebook is today’s popular social network where people can express their feelings and share their personal information throughout the globe. As we all know that the privacy for Facebook use is very important. Facebook has been frequent source of controversy for few years in social media. Users share a wide range of personal information and posts about themselves on Facebook. Facebook offers lots of privacy and security facilities. However, users are not aware of such facilities. Facebook privacy and security have been everyone’s concern. Users are sharing their personal information on Facebook without knowing the privacy setting. As a result, Facebook is storing user’s personal data. People have made the use of Facebook as their daily habit. People share their daily lives information for example users use check-in application on Facebook where other Facebook user can trace down. Facebook has made cybercriminal easy to hack the personal information. Sharing of content and personal information can cause serious issues like identity theft, unwanted contact and harassment, etc. User should be always aware about the content they are sharing on Facebook. Every user wants to be safe when they are using Facebook so the privacy and safety on Facebook is very essential.

2.0 Literature Review
Facebook users are not generally concerned about their privacy and security. They are publishing lots of sensitive personal information on Facebook. Many users share these kind of information for impression. Such information can lead user to become victim of identity theft. Facebook users share personal information everyday by knowingly or unknowingly. Some users they share their every bits of life on Facebook. Users express themse...

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...Only provide the personal information that is required.

3.0 Conclusion
Facebook, being the world’s largest social networking site, it is in a danger zone. The privacy and security is biggest issue. Sharing personal information on Facebook is very danger as third parties are seeking information. Third parties collect the data from Facebook, which could easily lead to cybercrime. Users are not confident on sharing information and contents on Facebook. Facebook is required to spread the privacy and security awareness to the world. It should conduct the privacy programs to protect its users from being victim of cybercrime. Facebook information can be used for various purposes such as identity theft, advertisement or other negative intention. Facebook user should be connected real life identities only. User shouldn’t accept or send friend request to the unknown users.
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