Privacy And Privacy Of Privacy

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Technology assisted people into sustaining connections with each other by keeping them aware of each other’s lives, such technology carried varied welfares to customers, while it placed bigger drawback through privacy invasion because of the openness of social networks to upgraded information, such information carries massive significance to celebrities’ lives rather than non-celebrities.
Famous people need to have less secrecy and more tension than non famous people, because of people’s interest about their daily news and their life changes, thus celebrities’ attendance on social network channels are extremely conquered by people, as it assists in connecting with others through status updates, newest photos, fresh links, and private information that are appreciated by regular people.
The rising rate of Internet users generated some disagreements between celebrities’ privileges of privacy and Internet invasion of such privacy, as their personal lives are unified in public debate, whether through deliberate or involuntary behavior.
This research discusses the values’ changes affects remedy and diminishing violation of sureness against publication of private information, through discovering customers’ intrusion of their privacy, as well as concentrate on celebrities.

Literature review
Privacy interests
Privacy interest is about responsibility to preserve suitable information disclosure and this has led to the belief of secrecy that is progressively moving towards defense of subtle information in delicate relations. This move of focus prepared for violation of sureness, which is aiming at defending personal privacy (Witzlab, 2009).
Matthew Kieran (2000: 163) "Privacy concerns some areas of life to exercise self-con...

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...ct usually depends on rules in the social context. How to act in a bar is different from that of how to act in the garden, even if both are ostensibly. Social convergence requires dealing with the public simultaneously without social disparity. While social convergence that allows the deployment of more efficient, this is not always the desire of the people, as is the case with other forms of convergence with loss of control social convergence (Abdalla Salih, 2009).
Since, celebrities are in popular image in society, people are generally aiming at personalization of friends and are curious about celebrities’ lives aspects that range from personal affairs to clothes they wear, and each tiny information of celebrities’ lives. However, celebrities trying to control their information privacy since disclosure, embarrassment make them insecure (Majumdar and Pareek, 2006).

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