Privacy And Privacy Essay

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Is our privacy being invaded? Facebook users should be questioning how their privacy is being invaded by Facebook. The issue is many people do not know how to define privacy so they do not know how to even ask the question. Keizer attempts to describe privacy as “the absence of choice, privacy is merely the privation with which it shares a common linguistic root, just as sex, work, and singing a song become rape, slavery, and humiliation when forced on us against our will” (Keizer 14). His definition can be compared to how Facebook users so senselessly use the social media site to share information, mostly personal information such as life events, pictures, personal beliefs and more. The site allows its users to like pages and share information they find interesting. This is the first step to majorly opening themselves up to their privacy to be invaded. Through the openness of users’ choice to release information on their account, and to allow information to be shown to them through the website, they are opening themselves up for their privacy to be invaded. Their privacy is being invaded and most of them do not even know it or have accepted the fact of persuasion to be used against them based off of their released information and actions are taken on the site. People’s personal actions, the information they post, the information they view, have a dire outcome on their privacy, which can partially be prevented in precautionary ways. The decision to use Facebook was an easy one for most people just as it was easy for them to release private details about their life. The user agreement form is so long that most people skip right over it and do not even read it. By not reading the user agreement form people have now made themselv... ... middle of paper ... ...reement. Your agreement to use Facebook is a large commitment that has a powerful influence on your privacy. Facebook is a lure to fish your personal information from you. Everything you post on the site, everything you view, and everything you react to is being monitored. All of your cyber moves on Facebook are being tracked so that Facebook can present you with advertisements to catch your attention and to make a profit off of you. Your Facebook life cannot be erased and is out there more almost anyone to see regardless of your privacy settings. This eliminates any privacy you may have thought you had and allows for a breach of privacy because you openly accepted it when you agreed to the terms and conditions when you created the account. Due to the issues that occurred because of the lack of privacy on Facebook more privacy preventions should be put in place.

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