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Privacy Issues Associated With the Use of Health Information Technology The use of information technology and communication technology in the health service, also known as informatics has helped a lot providing health service (Trotter & Uhlman, 2011). It has helped in providing easier and faster ways of recording and retrieving patient information, including the history of the patient’s health (Trotter & Uhlman, 2011), this has made the work a lot easier for the nurses and other health workers. However, there is a concern of privacy whereby malicious people access the patients’ records and information without authorization. This is an ethical issue that will be addressed here together with the solutions for the problem. Background Ethics is a value that should be practiced by every staff in the health care sector. The use of technology in communication and information has proved to be a challenge especially when it comes to confidentiality. When a patient gets into a healthcare facility, he or she is required to provide all the information needed for example, family health history and other information concerning the patients’ health (Appari & Johnson, 2010). With all these information at the hands of the health care providers, it is very important for them to ensure that the information remains confidential. However, with information technology, it becomes difficult for the information to remain confidential especially when there are security challenges and when ethics as a value is no longer practiced by the staff in the facilities. Problem Statement The main issue is the challenge in patient privacy in the use of informatics in the health care sector. Protecting the privacy of patients has become a challenge despite the advant... ... middle of paper ... ...with informatics in the workplace (Thede, 2010). This will ensure that unauthorized people do not access the information. Every staff that interacts with informatics should be committed to protecting the privacy of the patients and also be ethical in such matters. Conclusion As much as informatics has affected negatively the privacy of patients’ despites its resourcefulness, the problem can still be solved. This can be done only through the commitment of every individual that is authorized to utilize information technology in the health care system. With ethical behavior, no one can spread the information maliciously or even allow access by unauthorized individuals. This means that the security measure put in place should be implemented at all time by every individual. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone with access to maintain the privacy of the patients.

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