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In today’s society a vast majority of the things people do happens over the internet. The internet is involved in work, social life, and regular day to day interactions. With so much of a one’s life involving the World Wide Web, as it is also known It can be hard to maintain privacy. People often times do not even realize how much information they reveal about themselves over the internet. Nor, do they recognize how surfing the web to compromise the security and privacy of one’s entire computer unit.
Your browser provides your IP address to the site operators (Using the internet, 1995). Maneuvering through the internet from site to site, numerous companies use methods to track and identify you (Using the internet, 1995). The Web Privacy Census measures trends in internet tracking at the 25,000 most popular websites (Using the internet, 1995).
Many people use like to search engines to help them search the internet. This engines track each search conducted on the site (Using the internet, 1995). As you search website and enter your information, if the site is not completely secure, it can be stored by the search engine (Using the internet, 1995). One way to cut down on the amount of information gathered by sites is to not download search engine toolbars (Using the internet, 1995). These can allow data about searching habits to be retrieved (Using the internet, 1995). These downloads can happen sometimes while installing other software.
Google specifically combines information from it search engine, YouTube, and Gmail to create a profile (Using the internet, 1995). It is even a good idea to reframe from opening email accounts with ones commonly used search engine (Using the internet, 1995). It heightens the about of information th...

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...nds information about what you're doing on the Internet to a third-party, usually to target pop-up ads. Browsers as well as anti-spyware stop this threat to privacy enable blocking pop-ups ("Protect Your Privacy Online").
When these infestations find their way on to a computer they access the database. A major virus that has infected many computers is SQL injection ("Database Study Guide"). It involves sending unexpected data to a webserver which interacts with a database ("Database Study Guide"). The data may be sent through a few methods, but is always specially formed, containing SQL statements which can compromise any unprotected data source ("Database Study Guide").One way to protect yourself is to encrypt you files. “Encryption is the strongest protection that Windows provides to help you keep your information secure” ("Encrypt or Decrypt a folder or file").

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