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The transfer and preservation of Information is a major part of the digital age. People try to control their flow of information and the amount of information websites,organisations and even the government has on them. And even with the various ways of protecting information, there are still issues of privacy, freedom of information and the conflict between the public and private domains on who really owns or governs these information. This essay focuses on information governance, information privacy, and freedom of information. There would be a focus on information governance, its purpose and a description of the ends in which information governance can take us as a society. This essay will start off by explaining the terms information, governance, and information governance. It will then take a look at the history of information privacy, role that technology has played in the changes of our conceptions of both the private and public sectors use of information. An in-depth look into privacy would take place,and the rights of privacy given to citizens will be discussed. The essay goes further to examine why people value their privacy and how privacy can be protected with different illustrations being used. Freedom of information will be discussed right after information privacy, it will be well defined and its importance will be stated out, Data breaches of both the public and private sectors will be discussed, how freedom of information can be achieved will be stated, then the essay will concluded by giving recommendations and state to what ends information governance leads. The definition of the term Information varies, and is said to have no real value, because what one person terms as useful maybe be rendered useles... ... middle of paper ... [Accessed: 28 Mar 2014]. Richards, N. (2013). The Dangers of Surveillance. Harvard Law Review, 126 Retrieved from: [Accessed: 2 Apr 2014]. Smith, H. (2004) Information privacy and its management. MIS Quarterly Executive, 3, 201–213. Nissenbaum, H. (1998). Protecting privacy in an information age: The problem of privacy in public. Law and Philosophy, 17(5), 559-596. Vialumina. (2011). Why information Governance?. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 19 Mar 2014]. Whitley, E. A. (2013). Towards Effective, Consent Based Control of Personal Data. Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2013: The Value of Personal Data, 165.

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