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Many people never concern about their privacy being under attack. They never thought of a way to prevent their privacy from being invaded because they never actually think about how easily their privacy can be attack. According to the authors from “Privacy under Attack,” we only notice that our privacy is in danger when crimes happen around us. Our privacy nowadays are being attacked in many ways. According to the authors, individual privacy are being attacked nowadays by people watching them from video surveillance cameras, stores collecting our personal information, and government putting microchips into bar codes of the product that we purchase from places. The authors believe that the dangers of these actions are every move we make, can be taped down in cameras and the government have unlimited access to our private stuff. We may lose our identity, money, and home from being a victim of being attacked on privacy. The authors were mainly concerned about how our privacy are being invaded by being watched from cameras by the government everywhere we go. I disagree with the authors a...

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