Prisoners Case Study

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In the recent days, the court and law not only recognize that prisoners have rights but respect the rights of the prisoners. In the case Monroe vs. Pape in the year 1961, the ruling of the court allowed suits against government officials under section 1983 of the American law or Civil Rights Acts of 1871. In this particular case, it was ruled that any person who limits or deprives another person of his or her constitutional rights will be held liable. This law or Act also prohibits the states unusual and cruel punishment. This simply means that the law recognizes prisoner’s rights. These rights include: the right of speech, the right to freedom of association, the right to freedom of religion, rights of access to courts, rights during prisons disciplinary proceedings, rights to protection under the law, rights to privacy, rights in conflict, rights to be free from cruelty and unfair punishment, rights for probation and parole, and rights upon release.…show more content…
In the year 1974, in the case Procunier vs. Martinez the prisoners alleged that their rights to speech had been violated, because their mail was censored. In its ruling, the court stated that any restrictions on the prisoner’s mail must be reasonable . However, the court also clarified that the communications would only be limited to the point of protecting the government’s interests.The Civil Rights Act 1871 allows prisoners the right to freedom of association. In the Jones vs. North California prisoner’s labor union case, the court upheld that the prison union would not be restricted to the right of association.The Law has upheld and maintained that the prisoners have a right to freedom of religion. This simply means that each prisoner can belong to any religion he or she wishes, with no
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