Prison System Negatives

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The United States has more incarcerated than anywhere else in the world despite only having 5 percent of the world’s population. This dramatic increase is due to several reasons such as population increase and newer/harsher laws. The prison system has a few negatives than the positives, although the positive is extremely powerful. The prison system positively affects the economy on an economic standpoint. however, has some negative effects such as racial profiling and there are some things that are not able to be controlled such as the increase in general population. Prisons are a place to keep all the criminals that are too dangerous to be out on the street. People break the law and are trialed and sentenced to a prison. Prisons are very important and is seen as a form of justice and punishment for those who break the law. The same way a mother would ground their child for staying out late, people are sent to cells and locked behind bars for being a criminal. The big difference is that a mother wouldn’t get paid for sending you to your…show more content…
For example, Global Tel-link charges up to $17 for a 15-minute phone call. Global Tel-Link provides phone service for approximately 57 percent of state prisoners, this does not include private prisons. For most this is the only option to speak to their loved ones, (Ashley Nicole Black, February 21st, 2015). This is just one company that has made money off of prisons. There are many other companies including Corizon and the bail industry that make a profit off of prisons. Corizon makes $1.4 billion providing health care in over 530 correctional facilities in 28 states. With the information provided, this states that simple phone companies and health corporations are using the prison system to make them a profit. These are companies that do not focus completely on prisons for their source of revenue, private companies that make a profit because of prisons make most of the

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