Priority of a Foreign Aid

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To help struggling countries, many of the more affluent nations provide a certain amount of foreign aid (or development assistance) every year. This aid can range from money for food to medical supplies. In theory, aid is a wonderful thing as it helps those in need of support, but in recent years an issue has arisen over whether aid is truly effective or not. On one side of the debate are those who think that foreign aid is very effective and should be a priority for the West. Not only can this aid directly help people, but it encourages economic growth. Many believe that this has occurred in many of the countries that the U.S., and others, have helped. However, although numerous countries pledged to give 0.7% GNP for development assistance, in reality this has not been the case and some think it would be beneficial to achieve this percentage. In doing so, they argue that it can help alleviate those in poverty, if not eliminate it all together. On the other side, some believe that providing foreign aid is wasteful, if not harmful. The belief of these individuals is that as much as they may be invested in improving the lives of those in need, aid does not work. Aid often does not get to those who need it or proves to not make that significant of an impact.

Around the world people are suffering. Nearly half the population of the world lives in poverty. However, many nations are making an effort to reduce this statistic, primarily the wealthier countries in the West. The main way they do this is through foreign aid. Currently, the U.S. government spends the most of any nation on aid, a total of about three billions dollars yearly. This may seem like a large sum of money, but it is only a minute amount of the U.S. budget, “about $30 ...

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