Print Media Case Study

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Print media is one of the most established and essential type of mass correspondence. It incorporates daily papers, weeklies, magazines, monthlies and different types of printed diaries. The main objective of this study is to analyse the changing trends in print media from colonial world to globalisation. Earlier print was the only medium to connect the masses but in today’s era print is no longer the same.
The print media industry has changed radically with the development of the internet, as computerized stages are picking up ubiquity, while print daily papers are losing gatherings of people. This has constrained most print media
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In India, the Government uses print media to secure wide coverage of messages through various newspapers and journals. Print media as a traditional media plays a significant role in the development communication. In India, print media strengths have largely been shaped by its historical experience and, in particular, by its association with the freedom struggle as well as movements for social emancipation, reform, and amelioration. Today various modern and sophisticated technologies are using by the print media in both developed and under-developed countries and they also face stiff competition from electronic media.
This study shows the circulation trends of the print media from colonial world to globalisation. It also explains the brief history of print media especially newspaper also concentrates on the impact of print media in today’s
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Even after a advent of electronic media, the print media has not lost its charm or relevance. Print media has the advantage of making a longer impact on the minds of the reader with more in-depth reporting and analysis.
The contribution of print media in providing information and transfer of knowledge is remarkable. Now-a-days, print media is faster than all ever before due to amazing advances in technology in recent years. Technical breakthroughs alter the way we perceive the universe and manner in which we communicate with one another. So it’s become important to study recent trends of print media newspaper, magazines, booklet etc in the development communication of country and worldwide.

Forms of Print Media:
There are major three forms of print media. The first hundred years in the history of print was the time when the print industry tried to comprehend the new situation and shaped itself into a regular and formal sector but from the start the 19th century, print media in most countries started specializing in certain areas. Since business in the form of advertisements in the print was also flourishing, the media enjoyed a great deal of financial comfort and provided jobs to thousands of people across the globe. The three distinct categories are:
• Newspapers
• Magazines
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