Principles and Standards for Reistered Nurses

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Nursing is an ever-changing and growing profession. Tools such as, the scope and standards for nursing, state nursing legal regulations, code of ethics, and general principles of philosophy are used to set standards and promote growth within the profession. I use these principles and standards daily in my career as a registered nurse (RN). In this paper I will discuss the importance of these factors in my career, and how they all contribute to making outcomes successful for all involved. American Nurses Association Scope of Practice There are six set standards of the nursing practice; assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation (ANA, 2010; pp. 9-10). Throughout a typical shift on the unit I work for, I have set tasks I am expected to complete in order to progress the patient’s care, and to keep the patient safe. I begin my shift by completing my initial assessment on my patient. During this time, I am getting to know my patient and assessing if there are any new issues that need my immediate intervention. From here, I am able to discuss appropriate goals for the day with my patient. This may come in the form of increasing mobility by walking around the unit, decreasing pain, or simply taking a bath. Next, I plan when and how these tasks will be able to be done, and coordinate care with the appropriate members of the team; such as, nursing assistants and physical therapists. Evaluating the patient after any intervention assists in discovering what works and what does not for the individual. “The nursing process in practice is not linear as often conceptualized, with a feedback loop from evaluation to assessment. Rather, it relies heavily on the bi-directional feedback loop... ... middle of paper ... ...patient. If the patient is unable to do so the patient’s power of attorney must do so. While the line is being placed I must make sure that the patient privacy is being achieved, and that the proper techniques are being used to keep the patient free of infection. This is just one example of how ethical principles and theories are used on my nursing unit. Without these principles and guidelines, I am not able to grow as a nurse. Everyday decisions about the care I give to my patients will be guided by basic philosophy and ethical standards. I feel that in my four years of nursing my practice has been consistent with these standards. As an RN, I feel it is important to always seek improvement in all aspects of my career. Taking a step back and self-reflecting will allow me to find areas of improvement necessary to improve the care that I give to my patients.

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