Princess Diana's Love For Charity Life

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Snap, click, followed by dozens of flashing lights. From the moment she stepped foot outside, Diana had camera lenses and microphones pushed into her face. Diana, Princess of Wales, was an iconic figure of the late 20th Century. She exemplified feminine beauty and glamour, but she was not just a pretty face. She was a rebel with a cause, from the day she stepped into the limelight of the royal family. Princess Diana is an event making woman with great integrity, charm and charisma who strived to make our world a better place to live. She was not your average royal highness following traditions, one top of which her love for charity work was greatly know around the world, and she did many things a princess never did in the past, nor things that…show more content…
That was when she started to realize that she wanted to help those who were ill. When Diana became the Princess, many noticed the charity work she did, not because it was required from a princess, but because she loved helping those in need. She began to develop and pursue her own interests. Diana served a strong supporter of many charities and worked to help the homeless, people living with HIV and AIDS and children in need. Everywhere the Princess went cameras followed. Diana “used this extra attention to help charities”(O’Shei 22). Diana used her international celebrity status to help raise awareness about AIDS, cancer, HIV and landmines. She used the photographers to her advantage. Her simple moves changed views around the world. In 1984, “Diana made headlines when she hugged an AIDs patient”(O’Shei 22). This was important in changing attitudes to the disease. At the time, many thought the disease could be transmitted by touch alone. She proved to them that they are not harmful. Diana’s focus was “on those unfortunate people whom society forgot, ignored or shunned”(Cerasini 73). Diana served a strong supporter of many charities. Her participation in these funds before, during and after she was married just kept getting stronger. Her most noticeable and appreciation charitable work was after her divorce with Prince Charles. Her closet was full of top designer gowns which she had no use of so she put them to good use. She auctioned off all her dresses in Christie’s auction house in New York City. Seventy-nine of her gowns were sold that night earning her a lot of money, but she didn’t keep a penny. The total raised was $4.5 million and all of it was donated to charity for AIDS and cancer research projects. The country had never seen such a Princess who gave them that much of their time and effort. Another lasting impact Diana had was
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