Princess Diana

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When they feel like it is the end of the world, many people have trouble keeping a smile on their face. Other people can continue to shine no matter how bad they feel. Those people can leave a long lasting impact on the world. Princess Diana influenced millions of people from all over the world, and her legacy will remain forever. Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born at home on July 1, 1961, in Norfolk, England (Morton 70). Her parents were very ashamed that she was a girl. They wanted a boy very badly to keep the Spencer name (Morton 71). Diana had two older sisters and one younger brother. She was always the closest to her brother, Charles, and admired him strongly (Vickers 160). As a child, Diana was somewhat complicated. Growing up, she loved hanging out with the girls, the piano, tap dancing, and hockey. Diving and swimming was also one of her favorite things to do, and won several awards (Morton 28). All though Diana’s life outside her home seemed normal and could have fooled anyone, her home life was tearing her family apart. When Diana was eight years old, her mother had an affair with another man. The divorce left her shocked and left a hole in the family forever (Dolan 4). Diana was tutored until she was nine years old, and after the very bitter divorce, around age ten, Diana was sent to a school called Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk. Her academic career was not the best. She hated speaking at school and was immensely shy. After attending Riddlesworth, she began attending West Heath High School. While she was there she developed a passion for ballet and dancing (Diana, Princess). Diana reminded everyone of a swan with her gracefulness and slimness. She could not continue dancing because of her height (Dolan 11). Miss Spen... ... middle of paper ... ...Father, And King.” The Australian Women’s Weekly 1 May 2011. Gale Power Search. Web. 1 Feb 2012. Dolan, Dan, and Wendy Henry. “Multiple Articles. “Luxury Lifestyles of The Rich And Fabulous. 1997: pages 5-60. Graham, Tim. Diana: HRH The Princess Of Wales. New York: Summit Books, 1988. Hall, Trevor. Charles and Diana. New York: Colour Library International, 1982. Morton, Andrew. Diana: Her True Story. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1997. Noveck, Jocelyn. “Death of A Princess.” Associated Press 7 Sep 1997: F13. The Prince and Princess of Wales Wedding Day. Great Britain: Pitkin Pictorials Limited, 1981. “The Princess and the Press.” Frontline, WGBH Educational Foundation, 1995. Web. 1 Feb 1 2012. Schlesinger, M. Arthur. 20th Century Day By Day. Ed. Clifton Legrand, 2000. Vickers, Hugo. Debrett’s Book of The Royal Wedding. New York: The Viking press, 1981.

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