Princess Diana

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Princess Diana For this piece of coursework, I am going to focus on an individual person and write about her death that caused misery around the world. Her name is Princess Diana. I would describe her as a nice, beautiful and caring person. She was loved by many people and was killed at the tender age of 36 in a horrific car crash. Diana and her new love Dodi were in a Mercedes trying to outrun pursuing French paparazzi photographers that were on motorbikes. Going at high speed, you need to think safety and precautious but in this case this was an unlucky situation to occur. The front wheel struck a curb and the car hit a concrete pillar in a tunnel. The world was devastated and this was one of the saddest days in our history books. The medics fought a desperate 3 hour battle to save Princess Diana's life. They even started massaging her heart by hand to keep her heartbeat going at a steady pace. The ambulance crew treated the unconscious princess at the scene while firemen spent an hour and 15 minutes cutting her from the wrecked vehicle. They managed to get Diana breathing again by pumping her chest as quoted before and they continued to work with her on the way to the hospital which was about 2am in France time zone. Surgeons preformed an operation called "thorocotomy" that repairs a hole in a major vein that was causing massive internal bleeding. Diana lost so much blood it was impossible

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