Princess Bride Characteristics

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408 words

Physical Characterics In the book, “The Princess Bride” by WIlliam Goldman on page 56 it states,“The farm boy had eyes like the sea before a storm, but who cared about eyes? And he had pale blond hair, if you liked that sort of thing. And he was broad enough in the shoulders, but not all that much broader than the Count. And certainly he was muscular, but anybody would be muscular who slaved all day. And his skin was perfect and tan, but that came again from slaving; in the sun all day, who wouldn't be tan? And he wasn't that much taller than the Count either, although his stomach was flatter, but that was because the farm boy was younger. Buttercup sat up in bed. It must be his …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the physical characteristics of westley in goldman's "the princess bride." the farm boy had eyes like the sea before a storm, but not all that broader than the count.
  • Analyzes how westley feels in love with buttercup and is motivated entirely by his love for it. he fights against fezzik in a battle that needs strength.

This can make him do some crazy things. On pages 109-119 of “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman it describes how the man in black (Westley) follows Inigo, Fezzik, and Vizzini to save Buttercup. It also describes how he climbs the Cliff of Insanity even after they cut the rope just to save Buttercup. On pages 168-172 Westley continues his crazy adventure on saving Buttercup. He is very brave, because he fights against Fezzik in a battle that needs strength. Knowing Fezzik he is super strong and it seems impossible for Westley to defeat Fezzik. Although the odds were not in Westley’s favor he still fought and beat Fezzik. On pages 175- 179 Westley chooses to have a battle of wits against Vizzini the Sicilian. Vizzini should have a huge advantage because he can basically read minds. What he doesn't know is that Westley can tolerate iocane powder which basically means he is immune to this deadly poison. Westley puts iocane powder in both glasses so that no matter what he will win because of his tolerance for the powder. This could be a bad decision because there could still be a chance that it could kill Westley even if he can tolerate it. Westley does this all to be with and save his true

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