Prince William

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1066 words

Prince William tries to live a normal life, but being royalty makes it just too hard (Morton, Diana: Her True Story, 79). "He is the most fascinating person of 1997," says Walters (Unknown, Facts on Prince
William, 1). Prince William lives an active life where he deals with disappointments of the past, but family members help him deal with the future. In Paddington, London William was born at St. Mary's Hospital (Gilmer,
The Royal Archive, 1). Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Mountbatten
Windsor (Prince William) was born on the twenty-first of June in 1982 at approximately 9:03 PM (1). When the young boy first arrived, Queen
Elizabeth II said at the hospital, "Thank goodness he hasn't ears like his father" (Morton, Diana Her True Story, 79). The birth of this child was glorious for he would one day rule Whales. The title of this prince would be known as either King William 5th of the House of the Windsor or
King William 5th of the House of Spencer (Holdon, "Will William ever be
King" Newsweek 47).
This Prince averaging 6'2", weighing 140-145 pounds, with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes is everything a girl could dream (Gilmer 1). Of the many hobbies and sports the Prince loves to do, he mostly enjoys shooting, skiing, rafting, rowing on the Thanes River, and swimming
(Gilmer 2). Another hobby of William's is painting (2). Many people say he is really good at it (2). Also, in his free time he watches as much TV as possible so that he can stay informed of the world around him
(2). This young love is a Cancer although his Birthday is borderline between Gemini and Cancer, but the sun moved into cancer at 5:23 PM
United Kingdom Time. Therefore, Since he was born at 9:03 PM that makes him a cancer (Unknown 2, Prince William Fact sheet 2). There are many foods and drinks that William has taken a like to such as pasta, hamburgers, chocolate, venison, fruit salads, poached eggs from hens on his fathers estate, coke, and red wine (Gilmer 2). His Uncle Earl
Spencer says that his characters are very different from the public image (Morton 149). "The press have always written up William is the terror and Harry as the rather quiet second son (149). He also has a black Labrador retriever named Widgeon (Unknown 1). Oh and also girls this man is able to marry anyone he chooses as long as his loving grandma approves of her first (Gilmer 2). Not only do you have to go through his grandmother, but also they hold all his mail back so that he

In this essay, the author

  • Describes king william 5th of the house of windsor.
  • Narrates how their mother and william said, "when i grow up i went to be a policeman.
  • Narrates how his mother, no matter what kind of mother she was, didn't know the truth about him.
  • Explains that he watches as much tv as possible in his free time to stay informed of the world around him.
  • Analyzes how william felt out of place and it shows on his face. it was hard for everyone to really take it all in.
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