Prince Hur's: The Pest Analysis Of Prince Pickler

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We decided to use the PESTEL model for our analysis of Prince Puckler’s external environment and found that nearly all of the aspects of the model, outside of technological and political, had a strong impact on the company. Economic factors play a sizable role in the industry, for example, when the economy is in a downturn ice cream is seen as a luxury good and people purchase less of it, while in normal economic times more ice cream will be purchased. Several factors affect this change in consumption including unemployment rates and disposable income. Social factors, including education levels, wealth and lifestyle trends in the local population also have an impact on Prince Puckler’s external operating environment. All of these social factors vary wildly in Eugene, as the education level fluctuates from high school to college degrees and wealth can vary wildly. These factors, however, do not have a large impact on Prince Puckler’s because your average person will be able to afford ice cream regardless of their education level.…show more content…
This is not good for Prince Puckler 's as healthier people do not indulge themselves in ice cream. The environmental factors mainly focus on waste and the recycling of goods. Prince Puckler’s must take care of the area around their store and not pollute the environment to maintain quality in this aspect. Finally, legal factors which include minimum wages, employee benefits and product regulations were analyzed. Minimum wages in particular are becoming more of a problem for smaller, local companies. For example, Portland recently passed a law that will raise the minimum wage to $15 and Eugene could easily be next. If this happened Prince Puckler 's would be losing revenues because employees would be receiving larger

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