Prince Christian

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Salina and I often wondered why we heard so many bad things about the prince. He turned out to be a perfectly good person. “Maybe he has some angry outbursts,” I speculated, “or maybe he only gets angry when someone crosses him.” However, he never once lost his equanimity since we arrived. We decided to ask Aunt Evelyn. “On the way here,” I began, “we heard lots of bad rumour about Prince Christian but he is very different from what people said. Could you tell us, why is there such a discrepancy between him and his image?” “You heard,” she answered, “you cannot believe everything you hear. Actually, what you heard was true.” Surprised, we looked at each other with Salina. “He used to be the worst devil in the land. Everyone hated him. He was a violent, cruel, and unpredictable tyrant. Then about a year ago while out hunting on his horse he hit a tree branch (many say someone attacked him) fell off his horse and everyone thought that he was gone. He returned to himself three days later, and was a changed man. People believe that while he was comatose he went to hell where he saw what fate awaits him and that is why he mended his ways. When he recovered, he went around the country and apologized to the people and families he harmed by his cruelty. He gave them gifts, such as a plot of land, or a horse, or a cow. At first people thought, he lost his mind but then started to admire and even adore him. Personally, I think he lost his mind. He is too generous, too kind, people take advantage of him.” After hearing this story, my sister and I had a lot to discuss. One question was whether our father knew about Prince Christian’s bad reputation. “Most girls are married off by age thirteen or fifteen, and here I am seventeen, and... ... middle of paper ... ...s.” “Aunt Evelyn would die from indignation if I went to your quarters.” The prince smiled, “You are my bride; you should be able to spend some time alone with me.” Warmth flooded my heart when he said you are my bride. Next morning after breakfast, Christian whispered something to Aunt Evelyn, I could not hear what, but everyone could hear her reply. “Oh my God,” she screeched, “I’ve never heard such indiscretion! You will be alone in your chamber with her. Shame on you! What is this world coming to? I never spent a moment alone with my husband until we were married.” Salina turned to me, “What is this all about?” she asked whispering. “I asked him the question and he said he wants to talk to me in private,” I whispered back. “Oh, that explains everything. However, I don’t think ’private’ is part of Aunt Evelyn’s vocabulary.” “Obviously it is not.”
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