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Primus Web Site Design The goals of the Primus Web site are to retain existing customers, draw new ones and lower Primus' customer support costs. To meet these goals the Web site is being designed around a multi-point value package, described below. Value Package The components of the value offering are: 1) Stress-free experience for site visitors and customers 2) Professional quality research 3) Readily available quotes, available via a variety of media 4) Tools to allow customers to manage their portfolios 5) Customized advisory services 6) Online investment "workshop" experiences Service Selection Process During the previous three quarters Primus selected service offerings based on available budget, one-time and recurring costs, and labor costs. Most importantly, we tried to select services that we thought would offer the best value to existing and prospective clients, bringing them to the site to transact business. The following table shows the services we chose and some of the reasons behind our selections. Q1 Ticker (NYSE 1-minute delay) Helps customers keep up with the current state of the market. May update to at a later date, but Q1 budget would not support the move at this time. News/Views (Outsourced) Financial research resource for customers. Outsourcing chosen because recurring costs were lower, and providing this service with in-house resources would not significantly improve the quality of the service. Portfolio Tracker Serious investors need tools to help manage their portfolios. This feature was required to make the Primus site competitive. Co-Hosting This was more expensive than shared hosting. It was chosen anyway because security and availability are critical for a financial-services site. Q2 Stock Alerts These were added based on extensive customer demand. Customers want these services and tend to trade first with the service provider. Price Incentives (Volume Discounts) Volume discounts encourage more trading and trading in larger blocks. They also bring in new customers. Discussion Board (Moderated) The discussion board gives users a sense of community. By moderating the discussions, Primus maintains visibility, is able gather marketing data, and is able to influence the quality of discussions. Q3 Email Advice (Paid) This is another customer research service. Making this a paid service helps cover the costs of providing it. It improves the quality of the dialog between the advisor and the customer, and more often leads to transactions than free advice. Live Chat (Weekly) This is another way to provide access to expert services. Weekly chat was chosen over daily chat because of budget constraints. Webcasts This is relatively new. Not many Web sites offer it yet because of bandwidth constraints. It was chosen to draw more customers to the Web site and to help differentiate the Primus service package.

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