Prime Reality Essay

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As a human being what makes us unique from any animal is out ability to ask questions. I think a person only stops asking questions when he/she is died. On this essay we are trying to answer and give explanation on prime reality, about nature of world around us, who we are as a human being, if there is a life after death, how do we know the reality actually exit, what is right and wrong, finally we will see what a human history.
Most people have a variety of definition about the prime reality. Based on their worldview, people decide their prime reality. People with post modernism worldview says there is not only one ultimate power and people can change and manipulate the power. So their prime reality might be a numerous amount of things Different religions in the world who share western world also have their own prime reality. We can take a Native Indians for instance their prime reality s nature. However, for me my prime reality is God. God is the source and the beginning and the end of everything
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A pagan thinks every living things including animals and plants have their own personality so the way they see and things are different than people who believe in science. For people who see the world through a science scope is a nature is matter and everything originated from a Bing bang explosion. Generally speaking, the nature around us include so many amazing things. The major two things we are we see every day are something living and other things ae all non-living. The living things as the name indicates consist of the things which can be multiply, eat, breath and so on. Plants, and animals are a best examples of a living nature around in our daily life. The nonliving things are objects which are very essential for the living things. Water is a non-living thing and still the most needed compound out there. Just like water soil is a non-living and very vital for the plants life as
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