Primates In The Wild Eating Meat

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could not develop without it. Some believe humans consumption of meat is unnatural, so it must be wrong. However, since 1960, there has been evidence of primates in the wild eating meat, and they do it to gain certain advantages over one another.
By eating grains directly from the fields and eating them before they are shipped to animal farms to be used as feed, world famine would be reduced greatly. Businesses are using grains as animal feed and because of this we are wasting grain that could be used instead to feed many people. This could be shipped to other countries and given to them as food, especially if they have none. If the animals on farms are no longer there because everyone has chosen to become vegetarian, or at least a majority of them are gone, their feed could be distributed to other countries and there would be more fields available if the animals are not there, and more plants could be planted. The US presumably produces enough meat to feed people in famine areas, but getting it to them is a huge problem. The meat must maintain a safe temperature all throughout travel, and stay that way until cooked for consumption. If grain was distributed instead, the traveling temperatures
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About 90% of farms in the US suffer from topsoil loss. This is due to the farmers using pesticides, which kill weeds and other plants on the farms. Some scientists worry these pesticides can be very harmful to our environment. Chemically processed and hydrogenated vegetable oils like corn and canola cause conditions like heart disease, cancer, and obesity. They contain harmful free radicals and trans fats formed during chemical processing. These oils do not need to be consumed on a vegetarian diet and are more likely consumed whilst one is cooking meat. Natural oils from fruits and vegetables can not harm the body as much as the fat included in most meat

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