Primary Health Care in Australia

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Further still, PHC incorporates the provision of education that enables General Practitioners (GPs) to learn and become acquainted with the prevailing health problems and stipulates the mechanisms of addressing them. Where the service providers receive education that is effective and relevant, then their ability to provide quality healthcare services is enhanced thus strengthening the healthcare system in the country. Health systems strengthening encompass enhancing access to health services. Enhanced access helps to tackle the issue of inequalities in the Australian context. As per the principles of PHC approach, PHC can increase access to health services as one cornerstone of health systems strengthening through its promotion of global healthcare coverage, multi-sector collaboration and community participation, WHO (2010). A number of key elements of PHC as outlined by the Declaration of Alma-Ata (1978) include the promotion of the country’s food security and enhanced nutrition for the population. There is also the need to improve access to adequate and safe supply of clean water and maintenance of high sanitation standards, as well as ensuring the enhancement of mother and child healthcare through family planning as well as immunization against identified infectious diseases. It also spells out the need for the prevention and control of chronic diseases and availing essential drugs to all those affected. Where these key approaches of PHC are adequately implemented and sustained, they promise to conduce the strengthening of Australia’s health system. The concepts and approaches of PHC in form of values and principles of primary health care include equity and universal access to services, multi-sectorial action, as well as commu... ... middle of paper ... ...81), pp. 875-876. Hall, J. J. and Taylor, R. (2003). Health for all beyond 2000: the demise of the Alma-Ata Declaration and primary health care in developing countries. Medical Jornal of Australia, 178 (1), pp. 17-20. Tarimo E. and Webster E. G. (1997). Primary health care concepts and challenges in a changing world. Alma-Ata revisited. ARA Paper Number 7 (WHO/ARA/CC/97.1). Geneva: WHO. United Nations General Assembly. (2000). Resolution 55.2. United Nations Millennium Declaration. Available at <> accessed, May 31, 2014. The world health report 2000: health systems: improving performance. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2000. Available at:, accessed May 31, 2014. World Bank, (2004). The Millennium Development Goals for Health: Rising to the challenges. Washington DC.
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