Primary Education And Secondary Education

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Primary and Secondary Education in the English colonies since the XVII until the early XVII Century At the beginning of the XVII century, primary and secondary education were not considered as a right as they are nowadays. Even, at that time concepts such as education and childhood were still vague. However, in the rising America, some colonial needs served as a ground for the flourishing of early education and its development. From the XVII century until the early XVII century, Primary and secondary educations were promoted for different factors such as religion, legislations and social class. In addition, these factors had a relation to the different levels of the development of education in New England, the middle and southern colonies. In New England, religion was the main factor that promoted education. Puritans, the predominant religion, believed that “Satan keep those who could read for the scriptures” (“Wikipedia” 2015). Therefore, knowledge was the key element in order to stay away from the evil. In addition, through knowledge was possible to achieve salvation, “Although knowledge could not possibly guarantee salvation, salvation was impossible without it” (Axel, 1947). Moreover, Puritans also believed that education was the channel to build a society in the precepts of the bible. For example, in the first Boston school house, the first public school, teaching was implemented through the English traditional method which at the same time became an agent for socialization. On the other hand, one of the elements that allowed education to succeed was catechism which was used as part of puritan formation. In this one, puritans used to ask and answer questions about the Holy Scriptures. In fact, knowing and being ab... ... middle of paper ... colonial New England. New Haven: Yale University Press. • Jernegan, M. (1919). The educational development in the southern colonies. The School Review, 27(5), 360-376. Retrieved December 5, 2015, from • History of education in the United States. (n.d.). Retrieved December 6, 2015, from • The History of Education in America. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2015, from • The Middle Colonies. (n.d.). Retrieved December 6, 2015, from • Education World ® Lesson Planning Skills Page: Education In The Colonies. (n.d.). Retrieved December 4, 2015, from
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