Prilep Brewery Case Study

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Since its foundation in 1924, Prilep Brewery has constantly improved the quality of its existing products and has been creating new ones ever since. The trademark of Prilep Brewery are the high-quality beers, starting from Zlaten Dab and Krali Marko, being the leading domestic brands for beer. Prilep Brewery is highly motivated to deliver constant excellence to customers, ensuring they always get the best and the highest quality. This month Prilepska Brewery presented a new genuine premium dark beer "Zlaten Dab Dark" made by the recipe of the German most qualified brewmasters. The successful launch of this new product is crucial for the Prilep Brewery’s brand image. To guarantee the success of Zlaten Dab Dark marketers need to have a better…show more content…
The research found that all three segments tend to perform search activities in similar manners, which is demonstrated through their consumption of dark beer from either experimentation or referral. They rely heavily on external referrals from friends, family, co-workers, associates etc. Once the dark beer drinker is converted from drinking regular beer, they begin to differ in their search methods based on which segment they are in. Enthusiasts, who seek knowledge, use search at a higher-level than do Loyalists. Explorers will seek out opinions of others. On the other hand, Explorers and Loyalists primarily conduct search by using word-ofmouth referral. They can be easily swayed by close acquaintances or influential sources. Marketers must be concerned, as mentioned above, with word-of-mouth. Prilep Brewery should become involved in gaining more exposure and getting the information out to prospective customers. In pubs, night clubs etc they should allow the interested consumer to sample their beer. The sampling process involves the prospects taste and smell senses, which can create a more lasting memory of the

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