Pride in Beowulf

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Pride, gloating, and other flaunting of one’s achievements is quite common in the story of Beowulf. These prideful speeches have an irreplaceable purpose in the narrative of Beowulf. When reading this wonderful classic it is imperative to consider whether or not the reader should conclude that these fantastical feats are factual, why this prideful speech was included, what value these speeches had in the society of Beowulf and, is this exultant speech pattern still used in some forms today. Overall Beowulf has lofty language which makes it such a beautiful and surviving composition.
Initially, to determine anything about a text it is important to derive its’ factuality. Before considering why these dialogues were included one must ascertain whether or not to take them as hyperbole or fact. When questioning this looking at the text of Beowulf as a whole is quite enlightening. The prideful speeches always deal with what had happened in the life of the person; which is an indication that truthfulness must be discovered by other means. The prideful speeches of Beowulf are true because if all the characters simply said that they did all of these mighty and heroic deeds, but did not, how would they be able to live up to them as they do? Beowulf himself is a prime example of this. Throughout the story he makes seemingly outlandish claims, but then shows immense talent, strength, and courage to back up exactly what he says. Hyperbole usage is there and it must be pointed out that exaggeration does happen, but the truth of the matter is: Beowulf achieved everything that was said about him proving truth.
By the same token, it is imperative to consider the worth and purpose of these lofty speech portrayed in Beowulf. Taking notice of ...

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...ndel’s mother. He tell the truth of his previous accomplishments and the reader has no doubt he means every word that he speaks. Good orators today possess all of these characteristics and it is easy to see how they are related to the custom of speaking in Beowulf’s time.
In summation, the magnificent work of Beowulf is full of a different pattern of speech than that of which is commonly used today. The reading of Beowulf must be done with the consciousness that the prideful speeches of the characters are truly factual but may include some hyperbole, the listings of accomplishment are integral to Beowulf, that the value these speeches have in the society of Beowulf is immense and, that today’s culture still uses many parts of this speech pattern. Overall the use of pride in Beowulf causes this to be a timeless classic uniquely its own.

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