Pride And Prejudice By William Lucas

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Marriage serves to unite two people, and although it can bring joy and happiness to those who marry for true love, it can be an inescapable burden to those who marry for wealth and status. Many times, struggles with societal influences and family names impact decisions in matrimony. The novel Pride and Prejudice provides a great contrast between couples who seek out marriage for the right and wrong reasons. Some characters, such as Elizabeth, find great harmony and happiness in their choice of partner, while others, such as Charlotte and Lydia will reap the consequences for marrying for monetary value and status their whole lives. Average serves as the first word to describe Charlotte Lucas, the practical and unromantic 27 year old daughter of Sir William Lucas. Introduced as an easygoing, mellow character Charlotte seems to view marriage as a necessity to ensure her future and as a societal obligation, and chooses to settle for marriage with the first man to propose to her. Her partner Mr. Collins, a pretentious man who couples a lack of social cues with an awkward demeanor, provides Charlotte with exactly what she wants: comfort, stability, and a place to call home. By contrast, Mr. Collin’s ask for her hand to support his career in the church and to appease Lady Catherine de Bourgh, his wealthy patroness whom he looks up to greatly and seeks approval from. Both characters seek out marriage to benefit themselves, and while the marriage is not for love, it is comfortable and both sides are content and satisfied. Elizabeth Bennet, Charlotte 's neighbor and close friend, does not support Charlotte’s decision because she cannot understand Charlotte’s ability to look past Mr. Collin’s flaws and idiocy, and cannot imagine being hap... ... middle of paper ... ...nd appeasement of those in Collin’s line of work. Both happy in their mutual agreement, Collin’s and Charlotte are content in their marriage. Darcy and Elizabeth marry for love. Once they realize they are not that different from one another with their love of books, family, and wit; the pair grows to love one another and are very happy in their marriage. Lydia and Wickham face further hardship. Deceit and commitment issues paint their marriage in a darker light. The struggle to “love” one another after the money runs out will continue to affect their marriage in the long run. Pride and Prejudice sheds light on the fact that fairytale ideas of marriage don’t always happen. Whether these couples are joined in marriage for love, wealth, or comfort; it is clear to see that marriage takes effort and patience to find the right partner to spend the rest of one’s days with.
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