Pride And Prejudice By Elizabeth Bennet

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If there was ever an ideal family that embodied the spirit of “uncivilized free and wild thinking” it would be the Bennet family, as nearly every kin subject to their name possesses a degree of narcissism or delusion that assists in the development of each unique character. Their inability to commit to the tame and conservative concepts of social expectations during the Regency Era truly creates a dynamic novel with countless angles and situations. Specifically, Elizabeth and Lydia Bennet are two members of the Bennet family who shocked and surprised throughout the novel adding to the deeper meaning of uncovering society’s trivial and mislead views about correct social conduct with their countless acts of disobedience under a speculative eye. Pride and Prejudice is certainly a novel of predetermined expectations from not only society, but family as well. The pressures to act appropriately, play a mean piano, and get married to a wealthy gentry are enough to make a diamond. That being said, however, it is evident throughout the satirical novel, Pride and Prejudice, that Elizabeth Bennet feels none of the perceived pressure. Therefore, it may be concluded that she indeed has a free and unusual mindset that is immune to society 's opinion. The first example of that very objection comes when Mr. Darcy is introduced to Hertfordshire. Immediately, Mr. Darcy absorbed much of the room’s attention at the town ball, and received undeserving praise from much of the town as his wealth and connection to Bingley were both well-known. However, while the rest of the town was captivated by a man of such wealth, it was clear that Elizabeth had other intentions. Her general nature to question was obvious, and just as everyone had fallen for him, El... ... middle of paper ... ...utcome and was incredibly shamed upon. Even today, the thought of elopement is not the most popular idea, and can be seen as wild and unguarded, which is exactly what Lydia Bennet was. It is safe to say that the way of life Elizabeth and Lydia Bennet exhibited was not the most culturally satisfying to their society. With that being said, their very way of thinking and action is what created a novel with dimension beyond what it was like to live in the Regency Era. As Nikki Rowe would most likely advised the two Bennet sisters, “Oh darlings, you’re only too wild, to those whom are too tame, don 't let opinions change you.” Elizabeth and Lydia lived the lifestyle that they did within the novel because of its importance to Austen’s point of a patriarchal and disturbed society, and the two Bennett sisters served as the antithesis to the social expectations of their time.
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