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Over this past year, there was a single most outstanding accomplishment that has given me a seemingly constant source of pride and accomplishment above all else. During the summer right before my senior year, I took part in Miami Dade’s paid internship program. During the school year, my Information Technology teacher personally told me about the internship program and highly recommended that I attend the presentation taking place. After attending the presentation, I became very interested in taking part in the internship program. At first, I was not entirely sure what to expect from this experience; prior to this, I had never worked in a real corporate IT environment. Despite that, one thing I did know was that this experience would ultimately…show more content…
Orsini IT is a local family owned business that has a multitude of branches in the Information Technology industry. Orsini IT’s main branches are managed IT services, cloud services, and security services. One of the most important things that I was going to take with me from interning here was the experience; there is no better way to learn than by doing it hands-on. My boss Ray Orsini was very much aware of this and did all in his power to make sure my learned everything I could. Within the following 5 weeks, I did precisely…show more content…
My boss had a co-worker and me work as a team to design and develop a form-like website that would allow new clients to submit information. This website would then utilize an API to automatically create a domain based off of this data. My boss had me working as a team with others interns developing a program that would allow new clients to submit information on a web-based form. Then the program that we develop would automatically create a domain for each new client in Orsini IT system based off of that data. This programming project proved to be the hardest, yet prideful challenge. One of these major challenges was learning two different programming languages I had never covered before; PHP and HTML. Learning these languages was only the small stump in the road seemingly full of boulders. My co-worker and I diligently spent several weeks on a seemingly endless cycle of programming then troubleshooting what we programmed. This project proved to be the most valuable part of the internship because I learned a significant amount of information about programming, the detailed process of troubleshooting code, and utilizing web servers. This project was by far, one of the most rewarding and prideful accomplishments of the entire

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