Pricing And Retail Strategy Of Wal Mart

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Pricing and Retail Strategy Pricing and retail strategy is a key component of any business. These strategies play a major role in a customer’s perceptions of a business. Price is almost always a key factor. “Speak to any average consumer and mention the names of some high quality, leading businesses. The chances are high that one of the first words they will use is "expensive". Not "excellent service", "marvelous range" or even "helpful staff" (2006). Wal-Mart uses an everyday low price pricing strategy which has been a massive success for the company. Wal-Mart Wal-Mart operates different forms of retailers all over the world. They operate Wal-Mart US, Wal-Mart international and Sam’s Club. In 1962, company founder Sam Walton built his first Wal-Mart location in Rodgers, Arkansas (2004). Within 5 years, Wal-Mart had 18 stores with sales of $9 million. By 1970, Wal-Mart had 38 stores with sales of $44.2 million. In 2001, Wal-Mart topped the fortune 500 club, with annual revenue $219.8 billion. In 2014, Wal-Mart still toped the fortune 500 club with a revenue of $482.2 billion Wal-...

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