Preventive Measures Not Taken by US Before World War I

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Preventive Measures Not Taken by US Before World War I World War I was a war of great magnitude and importance. Wilson's goals for World War I to be the war to end all wars and to make the world safe from democracy were never accomplished. German submarine warfare and freedom of the seas brought the United States into the war. It could've been prevented if we would've not allowed the German submarine problem to get out of control and ended it when it began. To prepare better for the war the United States should have drafted all males and females between the ages of eighteen and forty-five. The females could've played a larger role in the war if they would have been drafted and reduced the number of lives lost. Germany should've been included in the League of Nations and the United States shouldn't have let France and Britain be so harsh on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles. If this would've happened, we may have signed the treaty and made this the war to end all wars. The arms race, which mainly involved Britain and Germany, began in 1896 when Germany took the decision to significantly expand its navy. This intense competition which developed created significant tensions between nations. The intensity to expand was further fueled following each major crisis that developed during the period 1905-1913. Britain hardened its position towards Germany. The arms race also extended to other areas such as the expansion and modernization of armies. Evidence suggests that due to the large increase in expenditure on navies and armies together with transport and equipment, Britain and the European nations were in fact preparing for a war that they knew would eventuate at some stage. Germany ignited the arms race with its aim to develop a navy two-thirds the size of Britain's to protect the vulnerable North Sea and possibly through the fear of "encirclement." When we saw that Germany's navy was becoming so powerful, we should've stepped in because of the certainty that Germany would try to control the seas and do anything to get to that point. By stepping back, we allowed Germany's navy to gain strength and on January 31, 1917, they announced to a shocked world that they intended to wage unlimited submarine warfare, sinking all ships in the war zone. This declaration was bound to happen. What else would Germany do with the most powerful navy in the world?
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