Preventing Air Pollution

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Preventing Air Pollution

Air Pollution is a problem nation wide. The pollution hangs over our

cities and is harmful and destroys living things and materials. Diesel

exhaust is one of the most dangerous sources of air pollution. This

type of pollution comes from on road vehicles such as large trucks and

buses although factories, construction equipment and farms are big

polluters too. Pollution from diesel engines contributes to about 80%

of the added cancer risk from toxic air pollution nationwide. A main

pollution problem has typically been high levels of smoke and sulphur

dioxide arising from the burning of smoke and sulphur dioxide arising

of sulphur containing fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and gas for

domestic and industrial purpose. Here are the equations for the gases

Sulphur+oxygen+water = sulphuric acid

This is very bad to breath in and additionally destroys rubbers and

metals. It comes from fossil fuels.

Carbon + oxygen = carbon monoxide

This is a very poisonous gas, which comes from vehicles.

Furthermore soot is a common air polluter, which mixes with fog to

make smog, which when breathed in, is very bad for our lungs. It is

even most unpleasant in valleys as it hangs in the air for longer.

When the pollution goes into the air it is known as an inversion

layer, which can be transported for miles by wind killing and

destroying on its journey. When the pollution attacks things that

aren't living it can damage many things like, bike tyres, power line

insulation, paint on buildings and makes spots on car paint via acid


Scientists have discovered that air pollution from the burning of

fossil fue...

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...trogen oxides that are

releases into the air. So that means to reduce the emissions of fossil

fuels. If people use less power and drive their vehicles less that

will be a start to reduce acid rain. If everyone bought energy

efficient appliances, bought energy efficient house or upgrade old

houses to be energy efficient, take transit to work with 3-4 people in

it instead of 3-4 cars, ride a bike, or walk it would make the air a

lot cleaner to breathe. Certain types of chimneys can be built called

static chimneys which when the pollution from the fossil fuels blow up

then it sticks to the sides of the chimney, then got rid of in a solid

form. If every person in the world would do this we help dramatically

to reduce acid rain. Meaning it to be easier to breath and higher

populations of fish, trees, plant life and animals.
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