Prevent Internet Censorship, Save Freedom of Speech

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Every second, citizens of the world enter cyber space to relay information, keep in contact with family and friends, and to complete a multitude of various tasks. The World Wide Web is a major staple in ensuring that individuals of all nationalities can perform all the necessary tasks in their lives. However, the negative aspects of the internet have been recently brought into the public eye. Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter along with other popularly accessed websites such as Reddit, 4Chan, and Pinterest have become the subject of critique after a whirl of internet controversy arose.

Public scrutiny of many popularly viewed sites has resulted in the call for restrictions in order to prevent the harmful aspects of the internet. This controversial topic has created a rift in website surfers from around the world. Internet censorship is the control of access to information presented on the internet. Advocates of internet restrictions argue that popular sites are the source of obsessions which result in crumbling relationships, put minors in danger of cyber bullying and internet predators, and provide easy access to vulgar or dangerous information which corrupts our culture.

As recommended by Dr. Pinhas Dannon, psychiatrist from Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine, the disorder (internet addiction) should be grouped with other extremely addictive disorders such as gambling, sex addiction, and kleptomania. (Nauert) Many Americans exposed to the internet find themselves enveloped in the entertaining world of the “Net.” As argued by those in support of internet restriction and censorship, the act of spending excessive amounts of time on the computer results in crumbling relationships and disinteg...

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...o the 1st Amendment and everything this country stands for. This country has spent years and many court case hours defending the rights that our fore fathers fought to protect.

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