Pretty Woman Compare And Contrast Essay

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During the course of the spring semester, as a class, we read and watched movies about fallen women and femme fatale in American Literature. Throughout each piece that we studied, I have chosen a book and a movie that I believe will compare and contrast effectively. We watched a movie in class written by J.F. Lawton called Pretty Woman, a movie that made a tragedy into a love story. This story exposed the life of a prostitute in Los Angeles, California. The prostitute, Vivian, happened to give directions to a rich man because he was lost, which led to her staying the night in his hotel room. The man needed Vivian to be his date on a social outing, which later led to more. On the other hand, during the semester we read a book by James M. Cain titled The Postman Always Rings Twice, a book that verbalized a forceful story. The story was about a girl named Cora, a prostitute who lives in a hash house. Then along the way she meets a man named Nick, whom she eventually marries. However Cora has a discomfort of being around her husband that provided her with a pretty virtuous lifestyle. Her solution to her discomfort creates problems that lead to more threatening problems. The movie and the book were both about women being saved from a place they felt undesirable. One fell in love after prostitution while the other never felt love. Now, with that in mind, The Postman Always Rings Twice is more realistic because Cora’s life explains the outcome of a prostitute that readers can relate to unlike Vivian from the movie Pretty Woman whose life is not a realistic outcome that readers can relate to.
First, Cora, the femme fatale, and Vivian, the fallen Woman, lived unscrupulous lives. They both were conceived as prostitutes where they were un...

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... love for her husband and once she got rid of him she never ended up moving on from her past, she wanted to keep making additional changes to her life, like she was never satisfied.
In conclusion, both Pretty women, written by J.F Lawton and The Postman Always Rings Twice written by James M. Cain, portray the struggles that prostitutes faced in America. Lawton’s movie and Cain’s book may be different from one another or they may seem superior to one another in someone else’s opinion. However, after comparing and contrasting the two pieces I have found Cora’s life from The Postman Always Rings Twice to be more relatable to readers. Cora’s experience and emotions represented as a horrifying person’s life after prostitution. Despite the differences of the two characters and their different outcomes, they both are similar when it comes to their life as prostitutes.
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