Pressure of College

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Universities across the world attach inessential pressure on students for college entrance exams. American universities lay on a vigorous amount of stress on first year freshman students to make an excellent grade on their college entrance. Universities should accept all applicants for the first semester to see if they can thrive in college academics.
The reason this method of accepting students should be enforced is because not all students have the strong capabilities of taking tests like other students may possess. We should not take away the dream of education' class='brand-secondary'>higher education. "Test makers still assume that knowledge can be broken into separate bits that people learn by absorbing individual parts. Cognitive and developmental psychologists understand that knowledge isn’t separate bits that people (including children) learn by connecting what they already know with what they are trying to learn. If they cannot actively make meaning out of what they are doing, they do not learn or remember (FairTest).”
College entrance exams do not fully see the knowledge and talent the student truly obtains. We need to extract the knowledge they have and expand their capabilities. “Employing standardized achievement test to ascertain educational quality is like measuring temperature with a tablespoon. Tablespoons have a different measurement miss than indicating how hot or cold something is. College entrance exams have a different measurement mission than indicating how good or bad a school is. College entrance exams should be used to make comparative interpretation that they were intended to provide. They should not be used to judge educational quality (Popham).” Popham has very valid point. We should not use these test to measure intelligence. We sh...

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