Presidents of The United States: The Short List

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I. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932-1933) He is the United States 32nd president and was known by the initials FDR. He is recorded to be the most cosmopolitan individual American to have entered the white house and the only president to have served for more than two terms. According to the Siena Research Institute survey conducted a year after taking office by a new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt for the last five surveys (1982, 1990, 1994, 2002, and 2010) has been ranked as the top chief executive of all the times that the United States has ever had (Sienna Research Institute 2) Dallek Robert in his book “Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy” refers to Roosevelt as the American internationalist (21). He knew what the nation needed first and thus unemployment, financial and business collapse, and starvation made the foreign relations to become a secondary concern for his administration. During his inauguration, he is reported to have said that, “the international trade relations, even though very vital, are in the point of necessity and time secondary to the process of establishing a sound economy.” (Dallek 23). He is credited to have headed the United States in a time of world war and economic crises. The first priority for his administration was the domestic affairs and thus he managed to restore hope that the governmental machinery and economy of America could work. At the beginning of his administration, Roosevelt initiated major legislation and executive orders that provide form to the brand deal- interlocking and complex programs designed to give relief and reform. The economy is reported to have increasing improved between the years 1933 and 1937. He remained neutral during the world war 11 in the year 1938 de... ... middle of paper ... ... Dallek, Robert. Franklin D. Roosevelt and American foreign policy, 1932-1945. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1995. Print. Dimock, Marshall. “Woodrow Wilson as a Legislative Leader.” The Journal of Politics, 19,1(1957): 3-19. E notes. President-elect of the United States. E Notes 2012. Web. March 5 2012. Fremont-Smith, Eliot. “What Harry Had Dick Does Not.” New York Magazine 4 Feb 1974:60- 61. Print. Kim, Millie. Survey Ranks Obama 15th Best President, Bush Among Worst. US News July 2, 2010. Web. March 5, 2012. < ranks-obama-15th-best-president-bush-among-worst > Sienna Research Institute. American Presidents: Greatest and Worst. ReadMedia July 01, 2010. Web. March 5, 2012 < Presidents-Sienas-5th-Presidential-Expert-Poll-1982-2010/1546118 >

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