Presidents Under Fire

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Presidents Under Fire Sex scandals, Poor Economics, and Public Relations are all problems that are being faced by the Worlds most powerful leaders. President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin are both under steady attack from other would be political leaders. But does this pressure take away time that could better be spend on running they country? Political instability has rocked the country of Russia. Still in it's infancy; Russia has only had 1 leader since the demise of the Soviet Union. His name is Boris Yeltsin. He accepted the presidency with the intention to build a new country with capitalism. This is quite a task, but he accepted it head on and has stuck to that goal. But the economy is quickly going down in value. The Ruble (Russian currency) is worth virtually nothing. In the United States Bill Clinton is under investigation concerning his alleged affair with a White House Intern. Mr. Clinton has made several public speeches denying the relationship but later came clean with the public concerning the matter. But with all the public attention brought up concerning both Presidents, how are they expected to run their countries if they spend most of their time defending themselves. Mr. Yeltsin has made several questionable moves, including firing and the re-hiring government officials. He is trying to get his country back into order. The President has a Parliament screaming to have him resign, and all the while he is being distracted from the task at hand. He has a government to run. In public speeches Mr. Yeltsin sticks to his Laisezz faire approach to government. That means he lets the economy run its self. There is no governmental interaction with the economy. He sticks to this as his defense and he believes in it. But everyday he is attacked by the media, and government officials who want change. With this as his only defense he is quickly losing the faith of the people whom elected him. But on the other side of the world there is a different crisis to debate. Mr. Clinton is in the public doldrums of verbal attack by the media and governmental stagnation. No one in the government wants to be associated with Mr. Clinton anymore. Even most of his elected party has severed ties with the President. He is quickly losing the support of his people as well. Mr. Yeltsin has been hard at work, putting countless hours into solving the financial crisis.

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