Presidents Of The Great Presidents

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The United States has an extensive list of presidents that will be remembered in the history books as “great” presidents. However, what are the qualifications that give those presidents that title? It’s inarguable that these great presidents were visionaries, used strong military presence during their presidency, successfully resolved conflict, and were environmentally conscious. It is remarkable that all of the “great” presidents in United States history are known for being visionaries. It’s imperative for presidents to have strategies for the future and that they have policies planned on how to protect national security and improve the lives of their citizens. It’s also important to see issues that the country is facing a find a way to resolve them quickly and efficiently. A great visionary will not long have these visions for the country but they will be able to communicate them effectively to those who they are governing over. Along with having strong visions for the future, presidential greatness comes from a boldness to use the military when it is needed. America has been known through history to be a powerful and courageous country. We are not known for backing down in times of trouble, and a great president will not fear to use the military when needed to protect our country. The country does no need to be perceived as weak, and we do not need to be invaded. We need a strong military presence in order to ensure national security. Being prepared and equipped to handle conflict effectively will always be a mark of a great president. This is true in domestic or foreign affairs. The American people trust a president that they know will keep them safe however they. Presidents must be extremely confident in the way they handle... ... middle of paper ... ... but the beauty of the land that surrounded them. This led him as president to use executive power like none of his predecessors had, to protect nearly 230 million acres of land, including 150 national forests, the first 55 federal wildlife refuges, 5 national parks, and the first 18 national monument sites. Although there is much debate over what truly qualifies a president to be great, we can clearly see that presidential greatness comes from being a visionary, a fearless use of the military, having an ability to successfully handle conflict, and being environmentally conscious. While partisan splits come over specific policy platforms, the integrity, sacrifice, and pure grit of a president is indisputably honorable, and that can be seen in Teddy Roosevelt. He will always be remembered in American history as one of the toughest and greatest presidents in history.
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