Presidential Debates

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Presidential Debates Presidential debates are becoming a large part of a campaign plan. ("Where the voters are") Who would think that such a short confrontation between the candidates would sway the vote of so many viewers? A presidential campaign could be won or lost from a single debate. The candidate must keep their cool and not go over the edge; they must be have a strong stand point on all of the topics, don't avoid anything. When debates first started they did not have this much effect on the voters, but now that a debate can be heard over the internet and through the television voters don't have to put forth any effort. All of the necessary points are usually covered in the debate. The points are not the only things that affect a voter, the appearance of the candidate, his tone of voice and his overall preciseness of his plans and ideas. Though the more modern debates can some what be planned, debates are still believed to be the best possible way to see the candidate in action and not just reading or saying what everyone wants to hear. The spin doctors, sponsors, television and media are playing a much larger part in presidential debates these days but all of this still shows what the importance of the debate is. Spin Doctors Spin doctors, isn't that a strange name in politics and especially a presidential debate. No it is not the singing group called the Spin Doctors. In large debates a campaign will put together what they call a "spin squad", this is a group of several spin doctors. These people are actually a very vital part of any presidential debate. All of the spin doctors today are very powerful in the government and also paid a small chunk of money for going out and preaching their parties' candidate's bel... ... middle of paper ... ...ember 23, 1996: 1. Infotrac. Online. Gayle Group. April 15, 2000 Schneider, William. "And They're Better Than Many NBA Games." National Journal January 15, 2000: 11. Infotrac. Online. Gayle Group. April 15, 2000 Carlin, Diana. "Presidential debates as focal points for campaign arguments." Political Communication December 1992: 4. Infotrac. Online. Gayle Group. April 15, 2000 "Commission on Presidential Debates" 2000. Election 2000 Debates Online. 15 April 2000. "Vote America" 2000. The Debates. 15 April 2000. Kenadall, Kelly. "Presidential Debates Through Media Eyes." American Behavioral Scientist August 1997: 5. Infotrac. Online. Gayle Group. April 15, 2000 Morano, Marc. "Manipulating the voters from inside spin alley." Insight on the News November 4, 1996: 1. Infotrac. Online. Gayle Group. April 15, 2000 "Spin Doctors" 1996. 15 April 2000.

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