President 's Powers Of The President

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President is the most powerful person in the world’s only economic power. It might seem rather unusual to the casual observer that the president of the United States could be anything other than powerful at all times. There are three silences or three areas of disagreement in the constitution, which includes relationship between states and the federal government, slavery and powers of the President. President’s powers are divided into congress and constitution. Some of the powers of the Presidency listed in the constitution are as commander in chief, as chief executive, can negotiate treaties which are subject to the advice and consent of the senate and can veto something that he thinks is unconstitutional. The President’s powers are balanced by the Congress. Congress votes on legislation and then sends it to the executive branch to put into effect. In other words, Congress grants delegated powers to the president. The Constitution is especially concise when it gets to the heart of the presidency: the powers and duties of the chief executive. It grants the president a limited number of expressed powers, or explicit grants of authority. Because the vagueness of the constitution and because the courts are being biased towards the presidential power, over time the president’s power has evolved into authorities much more powerful than the Framers would have ever imagined. I think that even the presidency is weak one way or the other at the end Presidency will win because personality of individual differentiate the function in the office but not the structure of the institution. Different presidents have their own way of running the institution. Presidents serve a four-year term and can run for re-election once. They are elected ind... ... middle of paper ... ...ies. Even within his own executive office, the president is dominated by the institution around him. Faced with such obstacles, the president’s only chance of success in his own policy objectives is to use his power to persuade and agree wildly with the public opinion and his own professional reputation. Because the constitution puts limit on President’s some of the powers, it can be said that the presidency is constitutionally weak, but at the same time it gave the president authority to do some of the important stuff, presidency can be structurally strong. I think because president handles everything, at the end he will be the one who wins in the competition. It is no surprise if a president seen stronger at one time can be weak at another time. But, he is probably constantly battling to make his weakness, his strength and may become the strongest president ever.
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