President Obama Is A Terrible President

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Donald Trump’s announcement that he was running for the presidency shocked many people. When he released his announcement speech I knew I would not be voting for him because I do not agree with any of his ideas or beliefs. His speech in general is flawed and all over the place and he doesn’t seem to know what his point is or how to get to it. I believe that he uses his fame and wealth to try to win the people over and claims that he is the best there is for this position therefore earning their trust. Trump starts off by using flattery to win his audience over by saying that they are good, hardworking people who want to make the country great again and expresses his love for them. He then moves on to attacking President Obama by saying that President Obama is the cause of all of our country 's problems and is to blame for the corrupt health care system and the high rate of businesses closing down. He expresses to his audience many times over, that he thinks Obama is a terrible President. His thoughts on border control are completely ignorant. He states that our border control is currently a mess and will only get worse if we do not elect him President so that he can fix it. “Who can build better than Trump?” he says, well I’m sure a lot of people could considering he knows nothing about building and only has knowledge about finances. He claims that the Mexican people are criminals, crooks, terrorists, and rapists, but what can he base these claims on? Nothing. Any race can be a criminal, a crook, a terrorist or a rapist. Therefore his statements are purely ignorant and racist towards the Mexican people. A very big flaw in his speech is that he claims he can do a lot for our country, including making it better but he never states ... ... middle of paper ... ...ression of this speech is that he rambles on a lot and repeats himself constantly never getting to the points he’s “trying” to make and he never shows truth in what he says. His supposed purpose in running for the presidency is to “help our country”. I personally think he just feeds off of fame and doesn’t want to fail because he feels he needs to be the best at everything. I don’t think he has the qualifications to make any of the arguments he’s making because he’s a businessman, not a politician and that’s very evident in his speeches. I don’t accept any of his values or unstated assumptions because he doesn’t give me any actual facts to go with the statements that he makes and states he can fix everything but doesn’t say how or when he will do so. In my opinion this speech and many of his other speeches show that he wouldn’t make a good President for our country.
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