President Is Responsible For The President

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government. Much like with other jobs the president is judged and rated, the President is however rated by the people of the United States on his perceived job in running the country. The information is gathered by varying sources, such as news agencies and the Gallup poll which is a consulting agency thru survey style gathering methods. This rating that is given by the people of the United States is known as the Presidents approval rating. During the course of the Presidents term in office this rating will rise and fall depending on situations facing the country, that the people feel the President has control over. Such aspects of the overall performance of the country that people feel the President is responsible for would include the economy and unemployment rate. Other factors that can effect the Presidents rating would be prolonged wars, scandals and unifying national tragedies. Upon entering into office the President tends to have a higher approval rating which is known as the “Honeymoon Effect”, the reasons for this high approval rating can be tied to the Presidents recent win as well as not having the time in office to have implemented many acts as President. The Rally Effect was seen during the Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson took office on November 22, 1963 following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Upon taking office President Johnson enjoyed a fairly high approval rating in the high 70’s,this approval rating came from the country rallying around the President following a national incident, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. However there where other issues facing the country that would become the cause of the diminishing approval rating of the president over the course of his time in office ... ... middle of paper ... ... During other Presidents time in office the surfacing of a scandal will typically cause the approval rating to fall. In short the rating of the President may rise or fall depending on aspects that the people feel that he is doing well in or feel that he is not doing well in terms of running the country. Although not all aspects that the President will be judged on are in their control directly such the unemployment rate or National tragedies, other events can be more closely associated with the Presidents actions such as committing troops or passing legislations. Although all Presidents handle situations that they face all in their own style the response from the people seem to follow patterns, such as higher approval ratings when the economy is doing well or when events happen that unite the people, and lower approval ratings following scandals and prolonged wars.
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