Presidency of James Carter

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President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr. was our 39th president. He served one term from 1977 to 1981 (Freidel). Before presidency, he attempted to build his political resume. His platform on which he ran gave him popularity. While in office President Carter held many accomplishments and failures. One reason being his relationship with the vice president and cabinet. His public persona was an important factor to be considered for reelection. There were various events that occurred during his presidency and affected his tenure.
His political resume started when he took the seat on his local board of education. He then proceeded to run for Georgia State Senate. In 1962, he won the election and became the Georgia State Senate as a Democrat. Two years later, in 1964, he was then reelected. President Carter’s next step was an attempt to run for governor’s position in office. Unfortunately, he ended in third ( In 1970, he made the decision to run again. This time he won by emphasizing on ecology, efficiency in the government, and the removal of racial barrier (Freidel). Before his term was finished, President Carter announced his candidacy for president in 1974. In July of 1976, he won the democratic nomination. He selected Senator Walter F. Mondale of Minnesota as his running mate. In November, President Carter succeeded by capturing 51 percent of the popular vote and 297 electoral votes. (
President Carter had many platforms on which he ran. After the Watergate incident, President Carter’s core message was that he would run the government with honesty and eliminate the secrecy. He constantly told voters, “I’ll never tell a lie” ( Through this he managed to build his reputation as someone dif...

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...onship with Congress, the public, and events that occurred all affected his chances of being reelected.

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