Preserving the Great Pyramid of Giza

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One of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world is the Great Pyramid of Giza. This wonder is “built to the last” for the future. However, this wonder is falling apart from bad weather conditions and we should try to keep it balanced and endured. If this wonder is damaged, preserving it would be difficult. We should try to preserve this wonder because it has a historical significance, a great architecture, and a deeper understanding of the Egyptian culture.
The Great Pyramid Giza is one of the most studied for its historical significance. The civilization of Egypt may learn the main reason why this wonder was built. Pharaoh Khufu built this wonder with his companions because this was going to be his tomb, or resting place, and to keep his possessions when he died. I think the people of Egypt should recognize what this person did back before centuries for his fame, destiny, and achievements for Egypt. By preserving this wonder, Egypt in the future can also discover the history of Pharaohs’ and his ancestor’s life.
This Great Pyramid of Giza is well known for its architecture. When Pharaoh’s companions and he were working to build this pyramid, they needed a lot of materials like sandstones, bricks, and carving tools. For its architecture, this wonder has three burial chambers which were for Pharaoh, his queen, and a bedrock. There are also other materials that it is no longer existed today. I think this wonder is thoroughly made for its architecture. This wonder is still alive today but it is falling apart. “We should try to reconstruct the individual parts”, said from an archaeologist. I agree because the preservation has to be reconstructed for each broken piece so that this wonder could be back the way it was originally.
This Great Pyramid of Giza can help discover more deeply about the Egyptian culture back then. Archaeologists are trying to observe very thoroughly for what resources, materials, structures/models, and other tools were used during that time. This is a hint for the archaeologists to uncover some mysteries that may had happened in Egypt or uncover the Egyptian culture. I think Egypt in the future should learn these information to understand their history and the significance, by preserving it. In addition, this may help the Egyptian culture later on to become civilized as the ones who were when Pharaoh was there.
Preserving the Great Pyramid of Giza for its historical significance, architecture, and deeply discovering the ancient Egypt is worth a lot of effort.
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