Preservation of the Pine Barrens

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Preservation of the Pine Barrens

There is much preservation throughout this country. One that is most famous to New Jersey is the Pine Barrens. I don’t believe this bio diverse ecosystem should be developed on. This precious preservation should be saved. In these following paragraphs the author will discuss the animals involved, the plants, major parts, and the dangers facing it today.

The Pine Barrens is one of the world’s unique nature areas. It is designated as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations, and a last great place by the Nature Conservancy. It covers Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Ocean counties. This is definitely a place worth saving.

First, in this paragraph the author would like to discuss the animals of the Pine Barrens, and where they live. The habitats of the animals consist of forests, lakes, and the wet lands. The majority of forest is dry and full of pine trees. Most of the animals live in this habitat. The next most populated area is the lake, which can be man made or naturally made. This is where the fish, the chain pickerel, the animals that seek refuge such as the carpenter frog, or the animals that prey on them, the Northern Water Snake live. The wet lands are grassy areas near lakes and tributaries of the lakes like rivers and streams. Many small fish, small water reptiles, paint turtles , snakes, and amphibians live here.

There are many endangered animals in New Jersey, and most of them live in the Pinelands. The reason most of them are endangered is because they are losing their natural habitat. Many animals are being reintroduced to our state. For instance the black bear, which was once endangered is now plentiful and populates much ...

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...This devil is a winged beast with a horse like body and hooves. He was the thirteenth child of Mrs. Leeds. When he was born she wished it to be the Devil. This legend is told around campfires and continues to be part of the folklore of New Jersey.

I think the Pine Barrens should be better protected. Other than other small sections in the south these pinelands are all we have. There is not a place with such bio diversity, and such beautiful landscape as this. This is a last great place and deserves to be saved. I go there every year, and I would like to go for many years to come. I also would like other people to experience the joy of the pinelands the way I see it. I don’t want people to see a trashed and polluted area that looks like a city forest.


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