Presenting the Torn or the Decision Movie Idea

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I have come up with the idea to create a movie based on the core structure and themes of the play Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. This movie will be a major romance and more shifted toward gaining the public’s acclaim rather than achieving critical success. The audience we will be targeting are young teenage girls and women. Romantic movies have always been primarily liked by females. It gives them an excuse to get together with their friends and to dream about getting swept of their feet by their dream guy. Women are known to be very emotional and this romantic movie will have them laughing at some scenes and crying at others. They will fall in love with Cameron’s (protagonist) beautiful personality and show compassion towards the tough decision he is faced with. Girls will flock to see this movie. They will be drawn to the complicated plot and complex relationships.

Adaption: Blithe Spirit is comic play about writer Charles Condomine who receives a visit from his first wife, Elvira. Unfortunately, Charles is now married to a woman named Ruth, and Elvira is a ghost. I adapted the play into a movie changing several aspects. For example, the book takes place in the London countryside during the 1940’s and the movie is set in modern day New York City. The ages of the characters were also altered to appeal to the targeted women audience. In the play Madame Arcati, the eccentric medium who summons Elvira. In the movie, this character is adapted to Cameron’s friend Andrew. He resembles Madame Arcati because he gives him the advice to have relationships with both Elsa and Rebecca which is similar to the medium bringing back Charles and Elvira’s relationship. Although there are many things altered the themes in both t...

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...o find himself. The lyrics, “The dog days” are the very hot days in August when dogs lie in the heat with nothing to do because of the oppressive. That is the literal meaning of the phrase, however metaphorically the lines of the song “The dogs day are over,” means that moments of the past are being left behind and it is now time to act and to move on. Just like the songs lyrics, Cameron is escaping the city to find himself and going forward with his life. The line, “Leave all your love and your longing behind you. Can't carry it with you if you want to survive.” means that Cameron must leave behind Rebecca and Elsa. He can’t bring them with him, if he wants to achieve his goal of moving on. The songs fuels Cameron as well the audience with motivation, telling them that the best things in life lie ahead.
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