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Kanishk Chaurasia Mr. R. Kinnett Music 1306 S75 04 December 2014 INDIVIDUAL CONCERT REPORT I went to the Dallas Chamber Symphony concert. I got to experience three lovely composers Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Charles Ives and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The instruments consisted in the Ralph V Williams’ The Lark Ascending were mainly solo violin, flute like instrument and piano for providing the background to the solo violin. The Charles Ives’ Symphony No. 3 “The Camp Meeting” included instruments such as mainly the violin, flute, strings, trombone and bells, whereas, the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor consisted of instruments such as flute, trumpets, strings and a solo piano. Movement that was performed in the Ralph’s Lark Ascending was Chloé Trevor. The movement performed in the Charles’s Symphony No. 3 were the Andante, Allegro and Largo, and the movement portrayed in the Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor were Allegretto, Romanze and Allegro assai. Through out the concert violin was the present in every single piece. Classical, romantic and twentieth century music was the music that was being played. Different form were present throughout the concert ranging from sonata to rondo form. The two pieces that stuck out during the performance on November 18th were mainly the Ralph’s and the Mozart’s one. The Ralph’s piece consisted mainly of strings in a orchestra fashion, and the Mozart’s piece consisted of the entire orchestra and would usually increase the tension rapidly. The entirety of the Ralph’s piece was around fifteen minutes, whereas the entirety of the Mozart’s piece was around thirty minutes long. The Ralph’s piece would have been considered an Twentieth century style music because of it b... ... middle of paper ... wood in all directions. The platform was in shape of semi-circle and the entrances and exit for the musicians were built right into the wall without them being noticeable. Moving on, clothing that most people preferred was business casual attire. The musicians were disguised in black on black suit and the lady chose to wear red gown, trying to emphasize the professionalism in them using the instruments to their perfection. The audience behaved very elegantly. After every piece of music the audience would stand and give a huge round of applause, giving the musician a sense of honor. Musicians in response would bow down their head acknowledging the audience 's kindness and appreciation. The audience regarded the music as classy. The concert portrayed the use of different instruments that were prevalent back in the time creating different textures, harmony and rhythm.
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