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Kanishk Chaurasia
Mr. R. Kinnett
Music 1306 S75
04 December 2014
INDIVIDUAL CONCERT REPORT I went to the Dallas Chamber Symphony concert. I got to experience three lovely composers Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Charles Ives and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The instruments consisted in the Ralph V Williams’ The Lark Ascending were mainly solo violin, flute like instrument and piano for providing the background to the solo violin. The Charles Ives’ Symphony No. 3 “The Camp Meeting” included instruments such as mainly the violin, flute, strings, trombone and bells, whereas, the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor consisted of instruments such as flute, trumpets, strings and a solo piano. Movement that was performed in the Ralph’s …show more content…

The mozart’s piece had a whole bunch of instruments playing from winds instruments to strings and piano. The Mozart’s piece was based on a three movements. The first movement starts off the concerto in the dark tonic key of D minor with the strings restlessly but quietly building up to a full forte. The theme is then taken by a soloist piano and further adds to the movement. Throughout the first movement, tension is added into the piece and suddenly everything stops. The Second movement is in a rondo form. The second movement starts with a soloist piano without accompaniment. The second movement is featured with tunes of romance, joy, excitement, confusion and tension. The piano is perfectly in harmony with the orchestra and the movement is ended in delicate tunes. The third movement was also in rondo form and full of furious sections with melodies of tension and excitement. the piano rounds up the movement with a harsh major tone. The entire piece made the audience feel emotional as it’s melodies and harmonies caused us to be extremely …show more content…

When these music were created it was still mostly raised by the elites and the wealthy individuals. Although there was shift in audience from aristocracy to bourgeoisie, their music was still enjoyed by aristocrats at the time. The music does not have the same feel, precision, artistic effect that it would have back in those days. With the technologically advanced and fast moving society, the music from classical era and early Twentieth century era is not the music that it used ti be. But, it is still appreciable that the advancement had made to the era and to the music industry. Today, these kind of music doesn’t seem to be as dominating as it

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they experienced the dallas chamber symphony concert and the music of ralph vaughan-williams, charles ives and wolfgang amadeus mozart.
  • Explains that the two pieces that stuck out during the performance on november 18th were mainly the ralph's and the mozart’s one.
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