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In this assessment I will be critically analysing on my presentation based on Sternal wound care post Cardio surgery. When giving my presentation to my peers, I expressed various emotions such as embarrassment and fear, and after I had a soliloquy to analyse reflectively so that an evaluation of my overall performance can be made. I will specifically hone on my own feeling while giving the presentation and my colleagues’ evaluation. The group of which I presented to consist of nurses, nurse practitioners and health care assistants of my ward. I have associated myself with them for many years and I am comfortable working alongside them. Rawlings (1998) and Siddons (2008) explain that if you know your audience it will make your presentation interesting. Despite all, the presentation brought fears forward such as, saying a word or phase of which they would not understand or stuttering. The participants frequently expressed the feeling of being afraid, and even in panic because of the fear of committing mistakes or errors in front of others (Jones, 2004). In this respect, I experienc...

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