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The purpose of this paper is for readers to gain the knowledge and have an understanding of how Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment relates to an individual’s personality traits in everyday life situations. The assessment is broken down in three steps in a serious of questions that will have individuals learn about their behavior and characteristics and how these traits can have an effect not only in the work place, but also in your personal life. The assessment is a series of personality tests that will have a reflection on an individual and how they can either improve their traits to better themselves or learn new characteristics about themselves that they wasn’t aware of. The assessment focuses on strengths, weaknesses, communication and conflict…show more content…
It’s good to be a good listener, especially in the work place because you never know what an individual is going through in their personal life that could affect their ability to perform well on the job. As far as leadership style, I try to be the team player in helping out with others around me. I am very charismatic when it comes to management of attention, meaning, trust, risk, self, and of course feelings. I tend to work well with others and enjoy working in teams. Robbins and Judge (2009) states that creating effective teams in situations in which individuals can do the job better is equivalent to solving the wrong problem perfectly (p. 327). I have learned that I am very good at building and leading a team. I scored an 89 and I eventually do plan on becoming a manager at my job and eventually at my own business. Interesting personal…show more content…
As far as being a better employee, and co-worker, I can learn how to express my opinion and judgement more without seeming to be confrontational or trying to challenge my co-workers. I can be more openness to experience and be able to express my opinions. I don’t usually express my opinions on certain situations in which I should. Sometimes, I’m afraid that if I do speak my mind, I will be criticized, judged, and be marked in the office. A co-worker once told me if I don’t express how I feel to management, how they will know my feelings towards the job and others? I care more about individuals feelings because I don’t like to upset anyone. According to Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment (2008) I need to be more assertiveness in standing up for myself as well as having self-respect. I believe that I do have self-respect for myself, I just need to learn how to stand up for myself. A prime example of this would be that when I first started in my current position, one of the coordinators would constantly talk down to me and I would never say anything because I was new and I didn’t want any problems. Ramsay, Troth, and Branch (2011) states “Members of some formal work groups experience high levels of conflict, bullying, and stress as do members of less formal networks.” It constantly kept happening until one day, another coordinator has seen this individual’s behavior towards me and reported it to management. There

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